New Year – New Website

Jesse McDonald and Rand Fishkin at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015Welcome to my new website. I decided that 2016 would be a great year to update my website as I have worked in the SEO industry for two years now. This is the third incarnation of my website, and the second to be on WordPress. 2015 was a big year for myself and the entire Geek Powered Studios team. We went to Pubcon Las Vegas and met some amazing people. Even got a chance to mingle with some of our heroes, specifically and Wil Reynolds of Seer Interactive. Because of this, I decided it was time to work on my personal branding and even implement some of my SEO skills to make my site better.

Jesse McDonald and Wil Reynolds at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015If you are a returning visitor, you have probably already noticed the url change already. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to unify my social media handles and website. That is why I made the change from to I have also switched the focus of my site to SEO and mirrors my career switching focus from graphic design. That being said, I have not taken away the design and photography portfolio aspect of my site because I feel it is a part of me and has a great impact on myself as an SEO. Now, I have more of an opportunity to blog about my story and share some of my SEO knowledge with other designers. It’s so unfortunate that they usually don’t teach SEO best practices in basic web-design classes, at least they didn’t in mine.

What Can I Expect From This New Site?

That is an excellent question my friend! I plan on writing more. Currently, I’m starting to write more for the Geek Powered Studios blog but sometimes, I’d like to write about things that wouldn’t necessarily be a good fit for that site. Maybe some album reviews as I am a huge collector of music, vinyl records specifically. The possibilities are endless. I’d also like to tell my story. How I got in to design. How I got in to SEO. Even how I found the two being very similar. Like I said, the possibilities are endless.

Most importantly, this site will be an excellent hub for keeping in touch with me. At the bottom of this site, on all pages, you will find buttons to all of my social media account. Please, feel free to follow, like, and share with me on all platforms!