Kind of like the old adage about the cobbler who’s children don’t have shoes, I am an SEO who has neglected my personal website for years. About 7, to be precise. This site has lived in a constant state of maintenance for various reason. Mostly laziness but partially because I couldn’t find a theme that I enjoyed working with in my time outside of work.

Lucky for me, and I guess all of you who happen to be reading this, I finally found one. I was recently helping my dad stand up a music blog and really enjoyed the theme we built it with (shout out to my wife for showing it to me). It was so easy to use, I decided why not spend some time actually doing what I do and building this site out.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what kind of content can I expect to see on this site?”

What a great question my dedicated audience! The answer is quite simple. Whatever I want! lol

As of writing this mildly snarky first blog post, I’m also spending a lot of time writing content for my dad’s site, McPapaJ’s Music Room. If you would like to read more about the music I’m interested in, that’s the place to do it. Here, I will probably write about things I’m interested in. That could range from video games I’m playing, maybe something interesting I’ve learned on my music theory journey, or just a random thought I’ve had that I need to get out into the world. Sky’s the limit.

I might write about SEO stuff here but I think that might be more productive on other established industry blogs I contribute to. But as a typical SEO, it depends.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the site and stay tuned for more content if that interests you.